Thursday, 29 April 2010

Prisoners Pocket Kitchen Supplies

Prison officers have discovered that there may be more to the waterproof jackets supplied to inmates than meets the eye.

Prison chiefs at Cornton Vale women’s jail spent nearly £6,000 on new Regatta waterproofs to be used on exercise periods after prisoners complained of the cold. However, it soon became apparent that the jackets did more than keep out the chill – with a plethora of hidden pouches, they were the ideal place for hiding stolen contraband.

A source at the jail said: “They knew this lass was nicking tea and coffee but they could find nothing.

“Then they looked closer at the jacket and found this poacher's pocket. It's ludicrous. The irony is guards wear thin cheap c**p.”

One inmate added: “These jackets are the business. There's loads of places to hide stuff.”

However, a spokesman for the Scottish Prison service has defended the purchase, saying that they are a necessary part of the prison uniform.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Air Hostess, I Like the Way You Dress…

The Japanese fascination with the air hostess uniforms given to employees of Japan Airlines (JAL) has prompted such a high demand for the goods that a black market has been created.

Although shops selling replica uniforms are very common on the streets of Japan, the desire to own the authentic JAL uniform has created a remarkably competitive market for them, with the genuine article often selling for thousands of dollars.

Those shops supplying the uniforms hope that many more will soon become available as the company filed for bankruptcy back in January.